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Japan: A “professional” foodie’s amateur guide

As I sit down to write this, sipping on my matcha (more on this later), I realise that Japan is definitely the ultimate and unbeatable destination for food lovers. Efficiency defines life in Japan and this is reflected in the food culture here where meticulously perfected meals and snacks are available at a moment’s notice. Japan offers delicious and high quality food for every kind of traveller. Whether you want to dine in style at Michelin starred restaurants, munch on street food as you walk the streets or snack on convenience store goodies late at night, Japan has got you covered. Ordering...

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Italy: A “professional” foodie’s amateur guide

Rome  Rome is a city where gladiators, philosophers and artists walked the streets over many millennia. The whole city feels like a living museum with exhibits from the times of Julius Caesar, to Renaissance artists, all the way up to Twenty-First Century high fashion. The city that was famously not built in a day is a testament to the march of history, moving forward constantly and bringing with it an ever growing collection of landmarks, traditions and of course, foods. While all of Italy is known for its excellent cuisine, there are particular dishes that must be eaten in the city...

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