Our Philosophy

Dear reader, 

Aviskara, which comes from a sanskrit word meaning “discovery”, is in the broadest sense a creative space where readers can delve into culture, food, travel and wellness. The site is the product of a shared desire to consciously learn about areas of interest to us which range from our professional and educational backgrounds to our hobbies and passions. In particular, we hope to use this as a space in which we can all learn more about Nepal. 

As young Nepalis, we felt that as our country rapidly evolved and as we spent more time away from home some of the things we loved most about Nepal were lost to us. Our hope is that Aviskara becomes a space for all of us to learn and rediscover all the beautiful things there are to love about the quaint Himalayan nation known as Nepal. Moreover, as a country full of young global citizens we wish to gain a better understanding of  all facets of modern living and create a community where any topic is open to exploration. 

While we each have our own passions, we have bonded over a mutual eagerness to discuss our latest areas of interest. Aviskara was born out of a conversation that left us wanting to share all of the things we were learning about with a wider audience.  We aim to dive into the deep-end of all things to do with culture, food,travel and wellness with a special focus on Nepal. 

We want to address the sense of cultural disconnect we feel from our homeland while simultaneously building cultural bridges between Nepal and the world. We hope to take you with us on our journey as we diversify our knowledge of our country and create a culturally informed voice for us modern Nepalis. 


Sina and Keshya (co-founders)