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Indra Jatra: A Brief Explainer

Indra Jatra this year (2021) will be celebrated on September 19th. This festival is perhaps the most famous of all festivals celebrated in the Kathmandu Valley, characterised by colourful masked performers and parades held throughout the Valley. But do you know why we celebrate this day with such enthusiasm and ardour every year? (Please note that what follows does not claim to be a factual, definitive or comprehensive history. These are stories that have been passed down in an oral tradition for many generations. There may be different versions of each of these stories and what is found...

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Can You Hear the Gods Whispering: Herding Goats and Chaining Deities, The tale of Man Kal Bhairab

Some years ago, I saw a book called “Kathmandu: where the Gods are young.” This title struck me so deeply that even now, almost a decade later I still recall it, even though I never got the chance to open up the book and see what was inside. There was something so profound about the title, it reminded me that I live in a city where the Gods are present at every turn. Each street corner has a small temple or shrine and our cityscape is defined by round Stupas and triangular mandirs. I would see these buildings without fully appreciating what it meant: that this city, this country, it’s history...

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